The Key Differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

In the recent decade, both hemp oil, as well as CBD oil have become very popular. During that period, these traditional medical products that were widely used in some regions of the world become a lot more known on a global level. Today, their popularity is on the rise but at the same time, a lot of proper information about them is missing. Many individuals confuse things like “marijuana oil” and “cannabis oil”, but the depth of the issue goes much deeper. This is the reason why so many individuals have only a basic grasp of these products and what are their effects and uses. This can be especially seen in the dilemma of Hemp Oil compared to the CBD Oil – for most, this is a crucial problem. To resolve this dilemma, here is a detailed overview of both substances, their similarities but also their main differences.

Hemp Oil Explained

Hemp oil is basically made from a plant species called hemp. The oil itself is directly produced through the process of extraction using the seeds element that comes from this plant. Any plant from the cannabis genus can be used to generate this oil, but the most used one is the industrial hemp. The name is derived from the fact that this hemp is grown on an industrial scale, using huge plantations. Because of the fact it is produced in an industrial setting, it contains only a minimal amount of any psychoactive substance. But, unlike CBD oil, it also carries a really small amount of cannabidiol as well.

What is Hemp Oil Used For?

The first and well-known use of hemp oil is cooking, being that it is full of nutrients. Inside of a meal, this hemp derivative offers a nutty and crispy taste and much use it as a replacement for more widely-used olive oil in things like salads. Hemp oil also found one of its applications as a form of natural moisturizer in a range of cosmetic products, including soaps and lotions. In the heavy industry branches, it can be used as a replacement of petroleum for production of plastics. At the same time, it is in many ways similar to other types of vegetable oils that are used for the production of bio-diesel, so it can play this role as well. Thanks to this, it is easy to understand that hemp oil has its primary purposes in the industrial production of various types of consumer goods, as well as an addition to the process of food preparation.

CBD Oil Explained

CBD stands for cannabidiol – CBD is also present in industrial hemp or cannabis. However, the CBD oil has a huge presence of cannabidiol because it is created using its leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plants, unlike the hemp oil that is produced from seeds. This crucial difference is the key reason why CBD oil is primarily used in the industry related to medical marijuana. Here, it has been observed that it is able to help with various mental and physical conditions.

What is CBD Oil Used For?

The key element of using CBD oil comes from the fact that it provides a range of medical benefits like medical marijuana, but does not come with the same intoxicating effect. This is due to the fact that it has a big presence of CBD but an extremely low presence of THC, the key psychoactive substance in cannabis. Thanks to this, CBD oil is widely used as a form of cancer treatment. Currently, its effects are still being assessed and explored by the medical community, but the traditional use along with the gathered data seems very promising. It is also widely when it comes to inflammatory disorders, being that it regulates the body’s ability to fight infections. Like medical marijuana, it is also frequently used for psychological issues like depression and anxiety. At the same time, it found its use in neurological problems like seizures, but also those disorders that have a neurodegenerative element to them.

With these facts, anyone will be able to correctly differentiate both substances. Even though they are very similar in many ways, their crucial differences provide more than enough of a basis for anyone to distinguish them. This is especially important for those individuals who want to use one or both of these substances. Using this knowledge, they will be able to decide what is the best option for them and their needs.

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