Just Chill CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil can be used for various health purposes. There are many CBD oil products in the market, but only a few of them are effective and beneficial. Here is an in-depth review of a product known as Just Chill CBD Oil. Basically, this review will cover everything about the product and feedback of its users. So, buckle up!


The basic ingredient that is used in the making of Just Chill CBD oil is the hemp, a Cannabis Sativa plant that is grown industrially for the fiber. The hemp contains less amount of THC and it is enriched with CBD. Just Chill ensures that the hemp is grown in an all-natural way and there is no rigorous testing to achieve cannabinoid content. The ingredients are not genetically modified, and there are no contaminants. There is no use of herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The main ingredients are:

  • CBD
  • PEG 400 (an inactive ingredient that is used in the pharmaceutical industry. It has low toxicity and it is used in variety of pharmaceutical formulations)
  • Artificial flavoring
  • Carefully-cultivated hemp plants

It is important to notice that there is the use of hemp plants and not the marijuana plant. It is because of the reason that marijuana plant has more THC in it as compared to a hemp plant that has more CBD in it.


The CBD oil comes in three flavors that are: strawberry, Jungle Juice, and Sweetleaf. According to the LAB reports available on Just Chill official site, there is no THC found in either of the flavors. The amount of CBD in Strawberry is 32 mg/mL, Jungle Juice is 31 mg/mL, Sweetleaf is 31 mg/ml. There is no use of pesticides, unprocessed materials, CO2 extracts, or any processed materials.


There is no doubt that a lot of people are becoming fans of Just Chill products. However, there have been average reviews on the Just Chill CBD Oil product. Lots of people have reported that they experienced the “High” effect after using the product. A user said that he was without a doubt 100% high after using the product. He further stated that since Just Chill claims that the product has CBD in it, the product needs to heal and not make users feel high.  Some users reported that they felt a sudden drop in sugar and blood pressure level. Some users also said that they felt heart palpitations and anxiety by taking the product. Someone even mentioned the “product to contain Spice” we are not sure if they performed a drug test on Just Chill products. Spice is also known as “Synthetic weed” a mix of herbs covered in chemicals with mind-altering effects.

On the other hand, the product was welcomed by many of its users and they really liked it. Some users even said that this product helped them with their insomnia condition. It was also reviewed by some users that the product helped them with anxiety and it relaxes them whenever they use it.

Overall, the product received an average rating from users: some liked it and some advised others to not use this product.

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The main thing that everyone needs to comprehend is that it is not made from marijuana plant or any medical cannabis. It is made from industrial hemp that is specifically engineered to make sure that there is a minimum quantity of THC in it. When a cannabis plant is extracted, about 40% of the extract is CBD. The industrial hemp makes sure that there is a maximum quantity of CBD in the extract.

You will notice that Just Chill CBD Oil does not create any conventional mind-altering effect that you achieve by using marijuana. The effect is because of the compound THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) that is one of the chief compounds in a cannabis plant. Some people might feel slight “high” by using Just Chill CBD oil. It is made sure that there is no THC in the CBD oil.

Just Chill does not claim that their CBD oil will help in treating any condition or health problem. But they do state that according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the CBD used can be effective in controlling inflammation, epileptic seizures, reducing pain, psychosis, and even addiction. Just Chill is an FDA regulated company, and this points out that their products are not illegal.  It is legal in 50 states!

One thing which is noticeable is that some users did complain about getting high by using Just Chill CBD oil. The company claims that their product is not synthetic and their CBD is only a natural constituent of industrial hemp oil, but if it is, then why the users felt high after using their product.

The taste of the Just Chill CBD juice is quite natural and the user won’t feel CBD during the tasting. It can be said that the taste is less earthy and not quite like other CBD vape juices in the market.

Overall, it is an average product and there is not much that can be said about its health benefits because it seems like there are none. You can try it and there are chances that you might like it too because it is definitely not a product that is too bad to try. You can give it a go if you want some fun or seem like trying to know what all the fuss is about CBD oil. We give it a 3-star rating because it is not too bad, it is worth trying, but it is not too good either – it won’t blow your mind!


Expecting too much can sometimes lead to disappointment, and this is exactly the case here. If you use it with too many expectations then you might get easily disappointed. If you use it with fewer expectations then this product has the tendency of surprising you. Overall, you’ll enjoy it, but you might not get too much if you are asking for a lot! Our advice to you is to look for a CDB oil product that is more enhanced, effective and with good reviews such as the products below that we have personally tested.


Respira CBD Oil by Elixinol – 600mg Grape Mint Flavor

This product is full-spectrum CBD and can be taken both orally and via vaping. The concentrate is 100% organic. It comes in 2 strengths (300mg and 600mg and 2 flavors (natural and grape mint).

All reviews are completely positive on this CBD products by Elixinol and fear NOT, as we have personally tested the 600 mg Grape Mint Vape Oil and the results were fantastic. We train and compete in mixed martial arts so we took it before bed and the next morning I felt as fresh as never before and now I train harder every day with minimal muscle soreness. Friends of mine have tried it when they suffered from a headache and after around 20 minutes and a few drops of this lovely stuff taken orally, the pain went fully away and they were truly surprised by what this product can do. Taste is a bit biter if you go for the natural flavor, and that is the only downside. Go for the Grape mint and you will love it. Elixinol also offers CBD capsules, oral sprays, and even CBD Dog treat – weird right? hehe . Thanks for reading, grab the coupon code below and enjoy the discount. Worldwide Shipping available.

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In a cannabis plant (Marijuana), you’ll find a compound that is known as Cannabidiol aka CBD. It is one of the less known compounds since THC is the one that is responsible for the mind-altering or “High” effect on the user. CBD, on the other hand, has an opposite effect to THC altogether. It calms the mind and relaxes the body. Unlike THC, CBD is perfectly legal.

The oil that has concentrations of CBD in it is known as CBD oil. Researchers are working on knowing more about the therapeutic effects of CBD oil.