Highest CBD Strains of Marijuana

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Well, CBD Oil might not be the strongest method compared to smoking CBD Cannabis Strains.  Do you love to smoke it up? well then CBD seeds will be a great choice for you. Smoking CBD strains is surely one of the fastest methods for getting CBD inside of your system, great immediate effects that are much stronger than CBD Drops and CBD e-liquid. Be aware that while strains with over 18% of THC are considered strong, CBD levels of 4%+ are considered pretty high. Let’s get right to it, here are top 5 highest CBD seed strains for 2018.

Best High CBD Strain Seeds

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5. Stephen Hawking Kush

This strain has Fruity Minty Aroma and taste. Patients love this strain for its Effectiveness on Muscular Dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, Gehrig’s Disease and many more serious illnesses and muscular spasms. As Herb.com states this strain is great for just about any patient out there. This strain flowers in 7-8 weeks. CBD content is 10%  + and THC content is low. This strain is Indica dominant.

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4. Orinoco (OR-1)

Orinico won Spannabis Champions Cup for best CBD strain in 2017. This seed is a Photoperiod strain, Sativa dominant with a high CBD content 13.5% and THC of 9%. This Strain grows well everywhere and flowers in 63 days. The Orinoco can help patients with dozens of problems such as  Autism, Anorexia, Depression, Epilepsy, cancer and more. Genetics are from mango cheese strain and another unknown strain. Both the aroma and flavor of this strain are fruity.  If you are after a medical strain then the Orinoco is a must.

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3. Charlotte’s Angel

This strain is the number 3 on our list because it is simply the most popular CBD strain THAT’S PROVEN TO WORK! Named after Charlotte Figi a young girl from Colorado suffering from Epilepsy. Charlotte Figi was cured with this cannabis strain and that is when Charlotte’s web genetics gained worldwide recognition and helped legalize marijuana in many states across the USA. With CBD content in high 20% and THC content of less than 1% means this Strain WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH. This is an Indica dominant strain that flowers in 8-9 weeks. This strain can also cure muscle spasms, headaches, and battle cancer.

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2. Raspberry Boogie

This strain is number 1 on our list because of its amazingly high CBD content 30% CBD and 25% THC. A photoperiod strain that is Indica dominant and produces very high yields of 1000 gr/ plant indoors. This strain flowers for 56 days. Boogie grows very well indoors, in greenhouses and outdoors. Height is not an issue for this strain as it does not reach above 100cm. Genetics of this strain include Sour Raspberry & Pink 2.0. Many users with Arthritis have experienced positive medical results.

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1. Cannatonic

Cannatonic has an even blend of Indica and Sativa. It is a great medical strain that is used to treat HIV/AIDS, Anxiety Inflammation, Muscle Spasm and more. THC levels are low at 7% and CBD content is at respectful 15%. Cannatonic has earthy smells with citrus flavor. This strain is very popular on the Pacific north coast, Michigan, and California. This strain is very good for seizures and helps a patient with body relaxation. Genetics of this strain is a mix of G-13 haze and  Mk Ultra. Flowering time is 9-10 weeks, and indoor yields are considered high.


Best High CBD Medical Marijuana Strain?

This is a great selection of CBD rich cannabis strain that will definitely help you with your health problems or anxiety and paranoia. But our pick is Charlotte’s angel because it all started with these world famous genetics + the little girl Charlotte cured her sad sickness by smoking this strain. Make sure to check out our partners above by clicking the green button, they stock all these strains with stealthy Free Delivery and Seed freebies on orders over 50 bucks! Make sure you check our list of easiest strains to grow indoors.


With the increasing growth in medical research, there has been a tremendous increase in a number of growers. Below are some tips to adhere to when selecting a CBD strain for growing. Don’t forget that CBD Oil has many benefits too.


Generally, genetics is what makes the difference between a good grow and working with high-grade CBD strains can allow you grow some of the best cannabinoid strains. When selecting a strain, you should consider the room you have to grow the plant. Taller sativa plants require more room to grow and they demand at least 10 weeks to ripen while the shorter Indicia strains bud in seven to eight weeks.

There are also strains which are a mix of the sativa and indicia strains and growing such hybrid strains result in cannabinoids which possess features of both species. The genetics of the plant also determines whether they are high CBD strain seeds.


It is important you determine the grow space required for growing your plant. You must set up your lights, carbon filters, and fans correctly to get the ideal growth environment. You should also make room for how your plant will grow to maturity so as to avoid nightmarish situations like your plant growing too close to the light source. Many seed companies indicate which strain is best for ScrOG or Sea of Green-style setups. In addition, their websites give a good description of how tall the plant is expected to grow.


The genetic makeup of the plant determines how long it takes the plant to grow. For some plants, it can be as short as 50 days and for others, 85 days. Sometimes it is not about strain but logistics so you must be certain you have the grow space for the plant before deciding on a CBD strain to grow. When you don’t consider the flowering time of the plant you might experience issues with air flow, unwanted stretching and heat issues. 


There are several growing techniques available and with some research, you can find one right for you. Some of the growing techniques involve tying down plants, low-stress techniques, topping, super cropping, snapping stems, using a screen, mainlining and filming. Some varieties of CBD react better to plant training than others and they have their different advantages and disadvantages. You should learn about which techniques work for you and which don’t until you discover the most out of the strain you desire.


What do you desire from your strain do you want your CBD plant  to not get you high?, do you want to be high, stoned or nicely balanced? Are you the one who requires that energetic buzz or are you one that requires the early morning power punch? It is in your interest to get medical CBD strains. There is also a choice of best strain for anxiety or panic attacks so you must choose wisely.