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CBD/Hemp Oil has become insanely popular to people around the globe. Since 2013 the market has spiked up with new products and producers. CBD Hemp Oil is completely natural and safe to use and is also legal in all states of the USA. It’s becoming quite popular to switch from cigarettes and e-cigs to using trendy, hippy vaporizers of all shapes and sizes loaded with CBD Oil. So, buckle up for a Green Garden Gold CBD Oil Review.

Green Garden Gold company

Green Garden Gold is one the largest and really reputable online seller of CBD/Hemp Oil in the US. The company’s location is not in disclosed and it was founded in 2014. Green Garden Gold offers a worldwide delivery and has constant lab check on their products, that is great news. The company constantly helps people with disabilities and other charities. Green Garden is the first company to develop a CBD edible spread. Overall we highly recommend this producer as a great CBD Oil Producer, stay tuned for an in-depth review below.


  • 100% USA Grown Hemp
  • Lab Reports confirm it is safe to use
  • Worldwide shipping
  • CBD for pets range


  • Prices could be a bit cheaper
  • NOT TRULY CBD – Hemp Oil with added CBD Oil
  • Small number of Reviews

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Ingredients/Lab Report

The leading ingredient that is used in the making of their products is the hemp, a Cannabis Sativa plant that is grown industrially for its fiber and healthy nutrients. They state that there is no use of herbicides, chemical fertilisers or pesticides in Green Garden Gold products. How ever we could NOT find an official Lab Report of their product.

Green Garden Gold Customer Reviews

A lot of people are becoming fans of this brand. However there are little reviews on the web about this product, therefore we recommend trying the brands we trust bellow.

Reddit thread with the Garden Garden Gold reviews.

Try Recommended CBD Products Instead (links bellow)

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In a cannabis plant (Marijuana), you’ll find a compound that is known as Cannabidiol aka CBD. It is one of the less known compounds since THC is the one that is responsible for the mind-altering or “High” effect on the user. CBD, on the other hand, has an opposite effect to THC altogether. It calms the mind and relaxes the body. Unlike THC, CBD is perfectly legal.

The oil that has concentrations of CBD in it is known as CBD oil. Researchers are working on knowing more about the therapeutic effects of CBD oil.