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CBD Oil and its Basic Neurological Effects

CBD oil is a term that is now familiar to many people around the globe and their numbers are constantly rising. Thanks to its medicinal properties and the benefits it provides to their users, CBD oil has been one of those completely new substances that appeared in the medical domain of the 21st century. While it has been used in a range of cultures across the globe in the past, right now, it is most people a novel thing. The substance is an even bigger unknown when it comes to its effects on the human body, but also the human mind. Most know it has something to do with hemp and cannabis. Yet, aside from this elementary fact, most would struggle to explain what this oil is and what does it do. The same applies to the issues like whether or not does CBD oil get you high or does CBD show up on a drug test. To answer these and many more questions, here is an overview of the basic effects CBD oil has on the neurological system of its users, including their brain and consciousness.

CBD Offers no Psychoactive Effect

The key factors of these issues have to be tackled first – the CBD oil offers absolutely no psychoactive effects on the mind of the user. CBD does come from cannabis, but it is made from plants that include no or very little THC in their structure. THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is the active substance in marijuana that provides its users with the sense of “high”. This is the key reasons why marijuana can be used as a psychoactive inducing substance. However, CBD oil has a lot of cannabidiol, a compound similar to THC but which does not induce any cognitive change in the user. Instead, CBD provides many beneficial effects like eliminating stress and anxiety or reducing the occurrence of vomiting and nausea. But, because it does not come with any significant THC, the answer to the question of whether or not does CBD oil get you high is an absolute – no, it does not get you high.

CBD can show up on a Drug Test

The industry around the production of CBD oil is a relatively new one. This means that there are few if any regulation systems that connect different producers. Instead, everyone in the industry uses more or less their individual distinctive production process. Some companies produce CBD oil that is totally purified from any THC, including residual values that could be found using laboratory equipment. However, other companies might be less diligent to make sure there is no THC in their products, even in trace amounts. Further yet, some companies that produce this type of oil use the so-called entourage effect. This means that they purposely leave a bit of THC in their CBD oil because it was shown that these two compounds work better when they are present together.

This somehow enhances their effectiveness. In these oil products, THC can be found at about 0.5% or even less than that. This amount will never get anyone high but it still likely could come up in a drug test. Most of these test kits are designed to look for any possible amount of a certain substance – thanks to this, they could well enough find THC in those people who used CBD oil that employs the entourage effect. With this in mind, it can be safe to say that only those who abstain from any CBD products a month or so before the test can be certain they will pass it.

Using other means of Consuming CBD oil to get high

Some might come to the idea of vaping CBD oil or use it in some other fashion than simply consuming it orally. The short answer is that no CBD vape oil get you high in any circumstance. Here, like with the previous issue, the simple fact remains that CBD oil does not have enough THC (or most of the time, any THC) to be psychoactive. Because of this, it does not matter how a person consumes it. The CBD oil is and will remain totally passive when it comes to the user’s cognitive functions.

These simple facts about CBD and the way it interacts with the human brain should prove more than useful to anyone who is using it or is planning to use it.

The Key Differences between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil

In the recent decade, both hemp oil, as well as CBD oil have become very popular. During that period, these traditional medical products that were widely used in some regions of the world become a lot more known on a global level. Today, their popularity is on the rise but at the same time, a lot of proper information about them is missing. Many individuals confuse things like “marijuana oil” and “cannabis oil”, but the depth of the issue goes much deeper. This is the reason why so many individuals have only a basic grasp of these products and what are their effects and uses. This can be especially seen in the dilemma of Hemp Oil compared to the CBD Oil – for most, this is a crucial problem. To resolve this dilemma, here is a detailed overview of both substances, their similarities but also their main differences.

Hemp Oil Explained

Hemp oil is basically made from a plant species called hemp. The oil itself is directly produced through the process of extraction using the seeds element that comes from this plant. Any plant from the cannabis genus can be used to generate this oil, but the most used one is the industrial hemp. The name is derived from the fact that this hemp is grown on an industrial scale, using huge plantations. Because of the fact it is produced in an industrial setting, it contains only a minimal amount of any psychoactive substance. But, unlike CBD oil, it also carries a really small amount of cannabidiol as well.

What is Hemp Oil Used For?

The first and well-known use of hemp oil is cooking, being that it is full of nutrients. Inside of a meal, this hemp derivative offers a nutty and crispy taste and much use it as a replacement for more widely-used olive oil in things like salads. Hemp oil also found one of its applications as a form of natural moisturizer in a range of cosmetic products, including soaps and lotions. In the heavy industry branches, it can be used as a replacement of petroleum for production of plastics. At the same time, it is in many ways similar to other types of vegetable oils that are used for the production of bio-diesel, so it can play this role as well. Thanks to this, it is easy to understand that hemp oil has its primary purposes in the industrial production of various types of consumer goods, as well as an addition to the process of food preparation.

CBD Oil Explained

CBD stands for cannabidiol – CBD is also present in industrial hemp or cannabis. However, the CBD oil has a huge presence of cannabidiol because it is created using its leaves, flowers, and stalks of the hemp plants, unlike the hemp oil that is produced from seeds. This crucial difference is the key reason why CBD oil is primarily used in the industry related to medical marijuana. Here, it has been observed that it is able to help with various mental and physical conditions.

What is CBD Oil Used For?

The key element of using CBD oil comes from the fact that it provides a range of medical benefits like medical marijuana, but does not come with the same intoxicating effect. This is due to the fact that it has a big presence of CBD but an extremely low presence of THC, the key psychoactive substance in cannabis. Thanks to this, CBD oil is widely used as a form of cancer treatment. Currently, its effects are still being assessed and explored by the medical community, but the traditional use along with the gathered data seems very promising. It is also widely when it comes to inflammatory disorders, being that it regulates the body’s ability to fight infections. Like medical marijuana, it is also frequently used for psychological issues like depression and anxiety. At the same time, it found its use in neurological problems like seizures, but also those disorders that have a neurodegenerative element to them.

With these facts, anyone will be able to correctly differentiate both substances. Even though they are very similar in many ways, their crucial differences provide more than enough of a basis for anyone to distinguish them. This is especially important for those individuals who want to use one or both of these substances. Using this knowledge, they will be able to decide what is the best option for them and their needs.

The Effects of the CBD Oil on the Body and the Mind

The phenomena of CBD oil is a relatively new occurrence on the global level. Even though countless generations of particular regions knew about CBD and used its benefits, it just recently became more known internationally. CBD or Cannabidiol is a derivative from hemp that is used in a range of medicinal purpose. These cover a lot of illnesses, chronic condition, and even psychological issues. In fact, so many of these are mentioned that many believe that CBD is one of the most important medical substances for the future.

It is created from hemp that is high in CBD and very low in THC, a psychoactive substance that is associated with using marijuana. Even though CBD is just one cannabinoid a group numbering over 85 other ones, it is a really important substance. It is the second-most present substance in marijuana, following right after THC. However, unlike THC, this substance interacts naturally with the human body, including the central nervous system, so it produces no psychotropic effects. Here is an overview of the CBD oil and its effect on the human body, as well as the mind.

How does CBD make you feel?

Being that it is made from marijuana or hemp, most expect that CBD has some psychoactive effects, at least marginally. The truth is that it does not and is instead perfectly non-psychoactive. This means that it has no ability to directly affect the central nervous system like other opiates or hallucinogenic substances, for example. This makes CBD completely safe to be used while performing any activity where the user should not be intoxicated in any way. Yet, at the same time, CBD oil does provide an effect on the overall state of the user’s mind. This is the result of its ability to influence the chemical balance inside the user’s peripheral nervous system. This comes with an overall sense of relaxation that is produced by the peripheral nervous system gradually calming down. This alleviates anxiety and other psychological issues that are somatic in nature, meaning that they are directly connected to one or more physical senses. CBD is great in allowing the senses to rest and not keep on placing the person in a panic or anxious state.

How long does CBD last?

CBD hemp oil is consumed in a variety of ways, including an aerosol spray that is applied in the mouth and taking eatable foods with this substance in it. On average, the effects of CBD oil should be apparent in a couple of hours, no matter how was it taken. Digestible means of taking CBD often take a bit longer, but in any case, they provide the same results. Once in the system, the oil provides its effect based on the dosage of the intake, the body type, and its physical state, along with other factors. But, even with the very low doses, the oil will last for several hours, providing its benefits.

How long does it take for CBD oil to Work?

In the short-term, as mentioned, CBD oil should start working in one or two hours after consummation. But, when it comes to its effects on the body, as well as the mind, it depends on what issue is the user trying to address. The short-term effects are those related to the nervous systems. The users will quickly feel that their anxieties are slowly starting to dissipate and that they become more and more relaxed. The more medium-term benefits of CBD oil are seen in its ability to fight inflammation. This takes several days of regular use, but after that time has passed, the majority of inflammation will be either gone or greatly reduced.

Finally, there are also the long-lasting effects of CBD oil. These include chronic conditions, but also types of cancer where ongoing research showed promising results. Here, the users need to employ CBD oil on a daily basis for weeks or even months before the full effect is seen. While that process takes place, they will still see numerous physical and mental improvements. But, for the chance for CBD oil to really help its users, weeks are always needed.

It is clear that CBD oil has a strong effect on the body and the mind of all who use it. Thanks to this, all those who take it can improve their everyday life drastically.

Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Hemp oil is different to CBD and is not as medicinal and there are not many hemp oil reviews out there since many people confuse it with CBD Oil. Hemp oil is A nutty flavored oil that comes from the hemp plant, it is rich in protein, fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and also, insoluble fiber. Generally, hemp oil was used only as a dietary supplement and a beauty aid but detailed study and research on it showed that it definitely is something magical. It comes with so many other unbelievable benefits that are no less than a wonder.

Here are the factors that you need to consider before buying the best CBD oil.

Healthy Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil – Main Differences

The main difference between hemp and CBD oil is the variety of plant that they are made from and what parts of the actual plant are used. Hemp oil is also known as hemp seed oil and is made from pressed marijuana seeds and the fatty oil extract from seeds is used in making the hemp oil.

What is Healthier?

Hemp seed oil is very nutritious but is not particularly medicinal. CBD oil, on the other hand, is very medicinal and is extracted from the flowers of industrial hemp as it contains high percentages of Cannabidiol (CBD) with very very low concentrations of THC. It has been shown to help to treat a range of serious to minor medical conditions. While many prefer to vape CBD, a  tincture is still a healthier alternative. Keep in mind that the best way to intake CBD is to smoke high CBD Strains of cannabis.

1. Finding Full Spectrum CBD Oil

If the brand is not properly researched then your CBD oil might have other chemicals and preservatives in it and could get you high. The CBD is derived from Cannabis Sativa plants hemp leaves, seeds, and stalk. Actually, the farming methods of Hemp vary and there are times that the manufacturers add different additives, chemical fertilizers and at times pesticides are also added in it. So, if you are someone who wants to avoid these unwanted chemicals than always look for the pure hemp oil and read it’s content before buying.

2. Look for quality CBD instead of low prices

It is but a fact that quality comes with a price and so does CBD hemp oil. If you need a high quality, pure CBD oil then you definitely should not settle for a low price. It is obvious that low prices are attractive but they are not worth it if the oil is not effective. Its simple, the higher the concentration of cannabidiol is the more effective the oil will be and hence the price is going to be high too. Again, don’t settle for anything less when it comes to CBD Oil. The benefits are worth all the dollars that you’ll spend.

3. Non-Psychoactive Cannabinoids

CBD Oil effects are not dangerous at all but it can be dangerous if it contains psychoactive effects. However, cannabidiol has been tested and is proven to be non-psychoactive yet before buying any sort of oil, first confirm it that it has no psychoactive effects. Settling for cheap or low price won’t get you a good CBD oil because this oil needs technology to be made and we all know that technology is expensive.

So, above are the few major factors that you need to look upon before buying yourself the hemp product. We hope you liked our article, so stay connected because we’ve got plenty more to talk about such products and how to buy the best and the safest ones.

Where to Buy CBD Oil?

So where can you buy CBD Oil? As we talked earlier, hemp CBD oil can be ordered from a variety of different companies and online CBD shops. Hemp-derived CBD oil does NOT high THC, it is not regulated by state laws regarding the consumption of these CBD products.

If you are looking for location-specific places to buy CBD, we’ve put together a great list of CBD Oil States which can be found on our website. Hope you found what you were looking for, follow us on Facebook for more great reviews and comparisons.