Best CBD Oil Companies 2018

In order to determine which companies to be included on our list, we decided to rank them on many important factors. We pulled a list of established and reputable CBD brands and compared them to each other using the following metrics.

• Potency: Maximum strength (in mg) of the company’s core CBD oils.

• Purity: The percentage of CBD compared to other nutrients in the company’s products.

• Range of Products: The company’s range and variety of products for different uses.

• Cost: The cost of the company’s best selling product compared against a similar best selling product by the main competitors. The cheapest and most expensive products in the company’s range were also measured against the average.

• Quality: Whether or not the company has lab reports and tests its products for quality. Results have to be easily accessible by the public.

• User Experience: Whether customers can educate themselves about the company’s products on their website, and if so, how easy it is to find the information. If the company offers a money back guarantee it is also a big plus and is definitely considered.

After calculating scores for the above metrics, each CBD company gets a total score out of 10.