Best CBD Brands & Companies

It’s fair to say that the CBD market is thriving. According to a well known source a company called Hemp Business Journal, $130 million worth of products containing the cannabinoid were bought in in 2016 in US alone. Last years figures very even higher and are set to rise in years to come. Experts from the well known Forbes magazines have calculated that sales of CBD goods will surpass $2.1 billion by 2020.

It can be very hard to choose the right CBD product to buy, so we did an in-depth review of well-known brands. In order to determine which brands would be added to our list we have decided that they would need to pass our check  which includes the following.

  • Potency – Basically CBD Oil has to have CBD in it, if it’s bellow a 200 mg in strength then its no use & the product would have little to no effects, therefore our check would not be passed.
  • Quality – Some manufacturers such as Just Chill CBD were caught with dangerous ingredients such Synthetic Spice, our aim is to filter out bad products and NOT include them on this list.
  • Value – If the product costs a fortune then it’s no good to an average person. We do NOT include products that cost more than they should.
  • Reputation – A solid product needs to have a few hundred positive reviews on trust pilot and the company needs to be trusted with years of experience, no reputation no Trust.

Recommended companies that have passed ALL our checks. (links)

  1. Pharma Hemp
  2. Sensi Seeds
  3. Endoca
  4. Cannawell